What Can Patients Expect From a Root Canal Procedure?

When a patient is told they are in need of a Root Canal, they can sometimes become nervous about the procedure, especially if they have never had major dental work done or have heard horror stories from friends and family. The truth is, this procedure rarely causes severe pain and patients are fully numbed as the dental work is being carried out so they do not have to worry about discomfort. Knowing what to expect from the procedure will set patient’s minds at ease and help them to properly prepare.

Patients who need a Root Canal first need to have their tooth completely numbed. Most of these procedures are carried out under local anesthetic because there is no need to place a patient under general anesthesia. The entire procedure, from start to finish, typically takes around an hour to an hour and a half. Once numb, the dentist opens the tooth and begins removing the diseased tooth pulp.

The pulp of the tooth becomes diseased due to infection and disease. When this happens, a patient can experience extreme pain that can sometimes be unrelenting. When a patient is feeling tremendous pain, the dentist will often remove the nerves of the tooth so pain signals are no longer being sent. This provides maximum relief of pain without interrupting the normal function of the tooth.

The process can be lengthy because there are multiple canals inside the tooth that must be cleaned. The cleaning process is carried out by tiny tools called canal files that are able to clean and shape the inside of the canals so they can be filled with gutta-percha. This airy material is used to fill the tooth once all of the dental work has been carried out.

Although patients will feel some degree of discomfort as their feeling returns, this is primarily due to the injections of numbing medication. Once this subsides, patients typically report their tooth feels much better.

If your tooth is causing you undue pain, this procedure can help. For further information, visit website. Learning all you can about the procedure will give you peace of mind and allow you to make a sound decision for your dental health needs. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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