Buying Domestic Heating Oil from Oil Suppliers in Cheltenham – Understanding the Basics

Are you slightly perplexed by the heating oil industry? If so, it’s best to educate yourself slightly before you contact oil suppliers in Cheltenham for quality products. Bulk fuel is available in abundance and when purchased in big amounts, the money-saving potential is huge. The type of oil you buy will depend on your heating oil system. With kerosene prices fluctuating throughout the year and new boilers being introduced all of the time, it’s never been more important to focus on the basics of domestic heating oil.

What Oil Do You Require?

Some households have cookers that run on kerosene, which is widely used in residential properties and in a broad range of industries. Commonly used for cooking purposes, it is otherwise known as paraffin. However, a number of properties are fitted with boilers that burn oil. You may hear oil suppliers in Cheltenham refer to this as 28-second burning oil or heating oil. There are two main ways to find out what oil is best – consult with the supplier, or contact the manufacturer of the appliance in your property.

Where Are Suppliers Based?

If you take to the Internet and research oil suppliers in Cheltenham you may be overwhelmed with the search results. Suppliers are scattered around the country, but only the best will have the biggest customer base. Compare prices, read through the company policies, check out reviews and browse available products before making a decision. Competitive pricing and good customer service are two things to look out for ahead of buying domestic heating oil.

How Does the Time of Year Impact Price?

The international, national and regional prices will vary all of the time, therefore you would benefit from asking the oil suppliers in Cheltenham when is the best time to invest. When you consider the fact that heating oil is lower in demand during summer than it is throughout winter, it’s not surprising that prices are cheap at this time. Expect to pay high prices during December, which is when cold weather forces property owners to turn up the heating. In addition to the month impacting price, the quantity will too. Costs will usually be reduced if you increase the litres, so keep this in mind.

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