How to Buy White Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is the gold standard in flooring, adding an unquestionable beauty to your home. White terrazzo offers a unique yet neutral look, suitable for most contemporary design. Terrazzo often incorporates post-consumer waste, making it an ethical and suitable choice for green design projects. There are actually several types of terrazzo, depending on the blend of elements used in the manufacture. When considering which type of white terrazzo flooring to purchase, think about a few things first.

  1. Color schemes. Although you are going with white terrazzo, remember that not all whites are the same. Also consider the fact that terrazzo is by definition an amalgamation of different materials with some types of terrazzo boasting chips of mother of pearl, mirror, and other iridescent or opal-like features that add a sparkle of different colors in addition to the overall white base. Other white terrazzo flooring has fewer reflective elements and therefore imparts more neutrality. Some whites are stark white, others bone, and others off-white. Because of this, consider the different varieties of terrazzo flooring available so you can pick just the right white for your space, the color of the walls and furniture, and the other elements going inside so that you create a harmonious environment.
  2. Price. Because of the different types of terrazzo flooring available, the prices differ considerably. If you are working with a strict budget, you can get an estimate of the price of filling your space with white terrazzo, which might help you narrow down your choices. Remember, just because the terrazzo flooring is more expensive does not mean it is going to look better in your space. Sometimes a less expensive terrazzo happens to be exactly the right one for the job.
  3. Think Outside the Box. Terrazzo flooring is not just for flooring! The gorgeous white terrazzo can be used as decorative accents almost anywhere, and can be especially nice for countertops.
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