Doing Business In Asia: Consider A Singapore Dedicated Server

Many businesses around the world do a significant portion of their business in Asia, and specifically in Southeast Asia. This makes it important to have a Singapore dedicated server that has high speed connections to the network that your customers are using.

Many companies are turning to cloud computing services, but it is not always the best match for all users and for all businesses. For those that want greater control over all aspects of the system, a Singapore dedicated server for a company doing business in this area of the world is a very smart choice.

Better Performance

With a dedicated server, there is no concern about what others that may be using the infrastructure and network may be doing at your peak use times. This is not the case with other options, including cloud systems as well as with shared hosting solutions either inside or outside of Asia.


While it is possible to build redundancy into other solutions, it does require the technical understanding of how to incorporate those backup systems. With a Singapore dedicated server maintained and managed by a top hosting service, all redundancy is built into the system.

Additionally, all security, maintenance and hardware management is all managed by the professionals, allowing you to focus in on your business needs while the experts handle the maintenance of the server.

Cost Comparisons

Cloud computing services are not low cost. If you are a small to mid-sized business, a dedicated server can provide more storage and greater efficiency than a cloud system.

With a dedicated server, the packages are very specific with regards to pricing. This allows your business to budget and plan without all the variations that can occur if you are using a cloud-based system. With the additional perks of increased performance combined with that lower cost, it makes it easy to choose.

Unlike some hosting services, RedSwitches is able to offer a Singapore dedicated server, ideal for those doing business in these markets. For more information, see us at website.

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