How Breast Thermography Can Save More Lives

How Breast Thermography Can Save More Lives

Breast cancer is something that affects a large number of women. It can be a scary thing to be diagnosed with breast cancer, especially if it turns out that it has been hidden for a long time, making it harder to treat. Luckily, with technology like breast thermography, women can rest a little easier knowing that detection methods are getting better.

Cancer screening includes the use of breast examinations and mammograms. However, both of these methods are limited, only able to detect the cancerous cells once they get to be a certain size. Although detection can come relatively early, every extra day counts in the fight against it. The beauty of using thermography is that is it able to detect abnormalities earlier. This is because the growth of tumors can cause an increase in temperature in the breasts due to the opening of existing blood vessels as well as the creation of new ones. Breast thermography picks up on this extra heat signature. Because of the way that this technology detects tumors, it can show the activity that leads up to the development of the tumor, allowing for much earlier detection and treatment that could save more lives.

To get started, visit a doctor that specializes in thermography and set up a schedule for regular examinations. You will have a baseline picture taken at your first exam, which will allow your doctor to compare your future exams and make sure that everything looks the same each time.

Detection of cancer at its earliest stages can make the difference in your treatment options as well as your ability to fight it and completely cure it. Breast thermography is one of the most advanced cancer screening options currently out there, and it has been shown to make a difference in various case studies. Be sure to get regular screenings and consider thermography, especially if you have an increased risk of cancer. View breast thermography case studies now.

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