Breast Augmentation Surgery

Every single week, there are dozens of women who have surgery to get breast implants in New York. This procedure, which is also referred to as breast augmentation, is typically used to enlarge breasts that are naturally small. Other women choose the surgery to repair deformities in the breast or to correct a problem with breasts that are disproportionate.

In some cases, breast implants are part of breast lift surgery, which helps to reposition drooping or sagging breasts by repositioning them higher up on the chest. With both augmentation and lift, a surgeon can create a perkier bust line while also adding volume to the breasts.

Women who have had a mastectomy or chest trauma may also undergo breast reconstruction and have implants added as part of the procedure.

Breast Implant Placement

One of the most significant decisions to be made before surgery is where the implant will be placed. There are three basic options here, including:

  • Above the pectoral muscle or subglandular – the implants are placed behind the tissue of the breast but in front of the flesh in the chest.
  • Partially behind the muscle or partial submuscular – this procedure places the implant somewhat behind the breast muscle and entirely behind the breast tissue.
  • Behind the muscle or submuscular – the implants, in this case, are entirely behind both the tissue and the flesh of the breasts.

Choosing the right option requires a look at factors like your lifestyle, size of the implants, amount of natural breast tissue, and the aesthetic result you want. The best way to make this decision on breast implants in New York is by speaking with a professional plastic surgeon.

Type of Implants

In addition to deciding on placement, you will also want to determine the type of breast implant that works best for you. The options include saline, which is filled with salt water; structured saline, which is saline with an extra structure to make the implant feel more natural; and silicone, which is a gel material. You also have the option of gummy bear breast implants in New York. These have the consistency of silicone gel but thicker. They are considered to be the most natural option for many people.

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation and your options, Michael A. Fiorillo MD can help. He is double-board certified and began performing breast implant procedures since 1998. To find out more or set up an appointment for a consultation, you can visit website.

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