Boost Your Menu Visibility With Restaurant Table Tents

Boost Your Menu Visibility With Restaurant Table Tents

One of the most effective ways to highly specific items on a food or beverage menu in a restaurant or bar is to use restaurant table tents. For small bistros, cafes, bars or restaurants with limited menus these can also be a very low cost, high profile option to traditional menus.

There are many different styles of restaurant table tents from the more casual to very elegant and refined. Choosing the style is often a factor of the type of restaurant, the foods or beverages offered on the menu, and the overall atmosphere.

Triangle Table Tents

Triangle table tents are a perfect addition to the center of a table in any restaurant or bar. By selecting a size that allows the space needed to advertise features, standard items or most popular foods, and beverages they can be the perfect supplement to the full menu.

For restaurants and bars, triangle styles of restaurant table tents with a clear plastic coating are a cost saving option. New menus and specials can easily be inserted into the stand, and the exteriors clear plastic can be wiped down as needed.

With different options in edges and corners, table tents can be color coordinated to any restaurant décor and theme. With the three sides, they provide considerable space and also allow a natural division of categories of foods or beverages.

Standard Tents

For a more elegant look, or to highlight a few feature items, standard two-sided table tents are a great option. For specialty and classic dining locations, table tents can be designed to have a picture-frame look for an elegant style.

Combining these with carefully selected graphics and beautiful images of the featured food and beverages offered will draw attention to menu items and help to increase orders and interest.

The benefit of any type of restaurant table tents is that they do draw attention. Often during the first few seconds of being seated people will look at the menus or items featured on the stands, which is why they are an excellent option for beverages and appetizers or specials for the restaurant.

When choosing the right size of restaurant table tents keep in mind the number of items to feature as well as the size of the tables. These need to be large enough to be seen but not too large as to limit space for the servers and the customers.

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