Benefits Offered by Sprinkler Blowouts Broomfield CO

by | May 12, 2016 | Home & Garden

A winterization service for an irrigation system is often referred to as Sprinkler Blowouts Broomfield CO. The term blowout is used because a special, high volume air compressor is used to blow the water out of the components of a sprinkler system. This prepares the sprinklers to be shut down and all water removed prior to the arrival of winter. By removing all the water, the parts and pipes will be protected from damage because there will be no water present to expand and cause damage.

When To Seek a Sprinkler Blow Out

The proper time to winterize a sprinkler system is between the beginning of October and mid-part of November. As the temperatures begin to fall, it is important to avoid any freeze damage in a sprinkler system. A homeowner should not wait too long to call for Sprinkler Blowouts Broomfield in CO. Just a few cold nights can result in hundreds of dollars of issues and damage.

In some cases, homeowners are worried about watering the lawns because of fall fertilization treatment. However, in most cases, this is not necessary because most fall fertilizers are designed to be released slowly, which means they don’t have to be watered right away. Usually, fall rainfall during the early winter will be enough to keep the lawn green and healthy during the winter months.

Benefits Offered by Winterization

There are quite a few benefits offered by winterization, which includes:

*   Protects the sprinkler components from valves backflow, freeze damages and ice cracks to pipes.

*   Increases the overall lifespan of the components: reduces the stress on the metal and plastic parts.

*   Helps to save a homeowner money: When water is removed, there is no chance of freeze damage.

When it comes to keeping a sprinkler system working properly throughout the year, calling on the staff at Wards Lawn Service is a must. Those who still have questions about the blowout process can also Visit website. The sprinkler system for any yard can be quite an investment and keep it maintained and ready to go is as simple as investing in professional service a few times a year.

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