Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening In Kona Over Home Kits

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In order for a person’s smile to look perfect, they should have white, bright teeth. Unfortunately, over time, a person’s teeth can start to turn yellow. Regardless of how often you brush, they can still look yellow. If a person drinks red wine, drink coffee regularly, or uses tobacco products, it can leave stains on their teeth. The best way for a person with yellow or stained teeth to have a white smile again is to have their teeth whitened. There are two types ofTteeth Whitening in Kona. The individual can either see a dentist have their teeth whitened, or they can use a home treatment. Of the two options, a professional whitening treatment has more benefits.

A Thorough Whitening

When a person buys a teeth whitening treatment in the store, the whitening tray comes in just one size. Because everyone’s mouth and teeth are different, the results can be uneven. If the whitening tray does not fit perfectly, which it likely won’t, some of the teeth will be whitened and some won’t. This is not the case with professional Teeth Whitening in Kona. The dentist will create a whitening tray by taking a mold of the patient’s mouth. This will ensure that each tooth is whitened.

Professional Strength

When an individual uses an over the counter whitening treatment, they won’t be getting as much of the whitening agent as they can get. The typical amount of peroxide that a home whitening kit has is around 3 percent. This is enough to remove any light stains and yellowing, however, if their teeth have severe, deep stains, an over the counter whitening kit will only lighten the stain one or two shades brighter. The whitening gel used in a dentist office has up to 35 percent peroxide. The gel can penetrate right through the enamel, to reach the stains. When an individual goes to the dentist to have their teeth whitened, it can whiten the teeth up by up to 10 shades during one visit.

Fast Treatment

The whitening kits that are sold in a store need to be applied and kept on for a long time. In order to achieve the best results, the individual would need to use the treatment for several weeks, and in some cases, months. Professional teeth whitening takes about 30 minutes.

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