Benefits of a Mavic Pro Sunshade While Shooting Video

Benefits of a Mavic Pro Sunshade While Shooting Video

Drones have seen widespread adoption and use in an incredibly wide range of industries. They’re used recreationally, in the real estate industry, in architecture, design, in the film and TV industry, and much, much more.

Many of these uses revolve around using the drone to capture video footage, which requires that the operator see what is being recorded. The problem is that controlling a drone and capturing the right shot can be tricky outdoors thanks to glare from the sun. Using a Mavic Pro sunshade can help. What can the right sunshade do?

Built-in Protection

One of the most important benefits of the Mavic Pro sunshade is that this accessory offers built-in protection from glare. Whether you’re shooting outdoors under the bright sun, or at night with glaring production lights, the shade blocks reflection on your device so that you can see exactly what your drone sees, and capture the footage you need to get that perfect shot.

Increased Screen Visibility

The protection offered by the Mavic Pro sunshade is the key to gaining increased screen visibility. Anyone who has tried to use their drone outdoors knows how sunshine or other bright lights can reduce the visibility of their device screen. That can lead to inaccurate flying, poor quality footage or missing the shot you need. With the Mavic Pro sunshade, you boost visibility, increase flight accuracy, and reduce the time needed to get that shot in the first place.

Fits Perfectly

The Mavic Pro sunshade is designed to work perfectly with your DJI controller. It mounts perfectly to the top of the controller and folds over to provide protection and block out light that might otherwise reach the screen of your device.

Light and Durable

Finally, the Mavic Pro sunshade is designed to be light yet durable. It’s strong enough for daily use but light enough that it does not add too much weight to the controls, ensuring that you don’t suffer from fatigue while controlling your drone.

In the end, a sunshade is a vital accessory for anyone who wants to improve the accuracy of their flying, reduce the amount of time needed to get the perfect shot, or to capture the footage they need with their onboard cameras. The Mavic Pro is designed specifically for a perfect OEM fit and delivers durable protection for a long time.

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