The Benefits Of A High Speed Hand Dryer

The Benefits Of A High Speed Hand Dryer

Ever since the introduction of hand dryers there has been debate on their efficiency and practicality. The debate between hand dryers and paper towels will go on and on but with the introduction of high speed hand dryer’s owners and building managers are fast beginning to understand the benefits of hand dryers over paper towels.

The environmental benefits:

Paper manufacturing takes a huge toll on the environment. For every ton of paper toweling produced over 7000 gallons of water is contaminated, 17 full grown trees have been harvested and hundreds of gallons of fuel is burned.

Not only does it take water, trees and petroleum products to make paper towels, a huge amount of waste is created by their use. Although recycled paper can be used to make paper towels, the towels themselves cannot be recycled; they end up in overworked landfills.

A high speed hand dryer has a very small environmental impact.

Cost savings:

With fast drying time and the use of energy efficient, high seed motors, a high speed hand dryer is far less expensive to operate than a conventional hand dryer and up to 95 percent less expensive than using paper towels.

Building management:

Studies have shown that when high speed hand dryers have been installed in a typical washroom there are a number of benefits:

  • Never run out of paper towels
  • Never have dispensers to keep filled
  • Eliminate inventory and inventory control, and
  • No waste paper towel receptacles to empty

Anyone involved in building management will tell you that paper towels are often used by vandals to block toilets and sinks. A high speed hand dryer eliminates vandalism, keeps staff costs down and helps to maintain washrooms to a high standard.

As well as environmental issues, cost savings and increased building management efficiency, nothing is better at reducing the spread of bacteria than high speed, no touch hand dryers.

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