Basic Benefits Of Fireplace Gas Inserts

For zone heating, nothing is better than a fireplace – as long as it is properly constructed and efficient. The second best method is utilizing inserts. A fireplace insert is an excellent way to maintain the comfort within a home. It is also easy to install whether or not you have an existing fireplace or stove. Among the various fuels – electric, wood and gas, fireplace gas inserts are perfect for a variety of reasons.

Preferring Gas Inserts

Why do so many prefer gas inserts to the other options? The reasons vary. For them, the installation of a gas insert into or as part of a fireplace is an excellent decision. Modern technology works in favor of this type of fireplace insert in many ways. It is:

  • Exceptional in providing the heat for a single room e.g. zone heating
  • Very straightforward to operate: You operate it using a simple switch or a remote. Either device can control the heat, the flame height and other options
  • Low maintenance requiring little compared to wood burning stoves and fireplaces
  • Energy efficient. This allows you to reduce the overall cost of heating your home
  • Less environmentally unfriendly than other types of fireplaces. Although gas is a nonrenewable resource, its by-products are freer from environmentally polluting agents than several alternatives
  • Designed for installation in almost any room in your home. (Restrictions may be in place concerning your choice of vent-free or vented fireplace)
  • Less expensive installing fireplace gas inserts than more extreme measures such as renovating the entire home to put in a fireplace
  • Safe for use within confined spaces. With glass panels solidly fixed, the heat remains safely contained and directed
  • Real in appearance. The current models employ ceramic logs that mimic exactingly the appearance of real wood logs
  • Available in different styles and models. This allows you to maintain the existing design of the room or shake it up by introducing a contrasting element. You can select from a variety of styles including antique, traditional, contemporary or modern

These comprised the major reasons why some people prefer to install a gas insert to the alternatives.

Fireplace Gas Inserts

Aesthetically, functionally and energy efficiency are all reasons behind the preference for gas insert fireplaces over other types. While allowing you to assume control over the heating of a favorite room (zone heating), they do not detract from the desire for style and a comforting and comfortable environment. Although this is not a wood burning fire, the illusion created by fireplace gas inserts feeds that primal need for one.

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