Attributes to Look for in a Survival Candle

If you are heading out into the woods or mountains, you have probably given thought to the things you will need to pack in your wilderness kit. Survival candles should be among the items you bring when you go out hiking or camping. Consider the following attributes you should look for in a good survival candle.

Surviving Damp Weather

For those who spend time out in the woods, damp weather can sometimes cause significant setbacks. Rain, fog or mist may lower your body temperature and may also make it much more difficult to start a fire. This is why you should always try to choose a survival candle designed to be as waterproof as possible. With the right candle, you will not have to worry about the dampness of your surroundings.

Withstanding Wind

The wind is another obstacle commonly faced by those who are trying to coax flames to life. Fortunately, there are survival candles available that are capable of burning strong even in windy conditions. If you ever find yourself camping or stranded in the woods on a cold, windy night, having such a candle may prove to be incredibly helpful.

Providing Heat and Light

In the event that you end up spending time in the wilderness (by choice or not), warmth and illumination are two of your biggest needs. A well-made survival candle will be able to reliably fulfill both of these needs. For the best results try to look for a natural candle, preferably in a weatherproof container, that provides a bright, warm flame and a burn time of at least twelve hours. For ease of use, also consider investing in a candle that can be lit with a mere spark.

Candles for the Wilderness

Before heading out to hike or camp, you will need to put together a kit of supplies. When it is time to choose the survival candles you will bring, try to find the ones that are resistant to water and the wind, that are easy to light, and that are likely to provide consistent as well as long-lasting warmth and illumination. Visit  for more information.

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