Atlas Exterminator Co Inc: The People To Call When Little Invaders Infest The Home

Atlas Exterminator Co Inc: The People To Call When Little Invaders Infest The Home

Spot a roach gamboling across the kitchen counter at three in the morning? Find termites in the attic? Been noticing those tiny little bites from bedbugs in the morning lately? Any or all of these tiny little pests are just part of an insect invasion. For each one that is spotted inside the house, it’s a sure bet there are dozens if not hundreds of their little insect brethren setting up a colony inside the home, behind the walls, within the crawlspaces and attic. Find out lately that the fleas and ticks the dog brought in with him have taken up residence on the carpet or sofa?

An insect infestation can make life unbearable inside the home. Roaches are unsanitary and carry diseases. Termites can quite literally eat the house and long before that point will cause significant frame damage. Bedbugs are simply annoying, as are fleas and ticks. And if the home is going to be put on the market, those little pests can interfere with its sale if the home inspection turns up signs of an infestation.

That’s why calling in professionals such as the crew at Atlas Exterminator Co Inc can save both your money and your sanity. Trained exterminators and pest control technicians will do a thorough free evaluation of the home, identify which pests are involved, and design an elimination and control strategy to deal with them. Both organic and chemical pesticides are available for usage, and other methods of insect remediation depending upon the exact form of infestation are used to clear the home of its tiny unwanted guests.

But elimination of the immediate problem is only the first step. Atlas Exterminator Co Inc will also offer a regular insect maintenance program involving periodic inspections and preemptive treatment to keep any insect population firmly under control and prevent further infiltration. The annual costs of a prevention program are a bargain compared to the possible costs of a serious termite infestation or the health problems insects can cause with the diseases they can spread.

Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. whether it’s to eliminate an active infestation or to begin preventative insect care, and start protecting the home from invading little pests today.

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