Assessing Supply Chain Planning Systems

Assessing Supply Chain Planning Systems

Most mid to large-sized companies are using some type of supply chain planning systems to constantly assess, evaluate and improve on this important part of the business. However, often these comfortable, old systems are no longer providing the quality, type, and form of data that is optimal for having full visibility into the pipeline.

Determining if you should upgrade to a newer option in supply chain planning systems starts with taking a close look at what your current system is offering. For a new company looking for a first system, the same general areas of focus will also be essential in selecting the correct system.

What Data is Required

Not all data is relevant to supply chain management. Collecting a lot of unnecessary data is simply redundant and ineffective. Look at your business, the business model, and the projected supply chain and find the specific data that will be critical in making decisions both initially in the planning stages as well as in the future.

Experience in Your Industry

Every industry is different when it comes to the supply chain needs. A fresh produce company has very different demands that a textile company importing raw material from overseas, which means they will need different features in their supply chain management software and system.

Look carefully at the supplier you are considering for this technology. Do they have experience in your industry and do they have a socialized system that takes into account your supply chain requirements?

What is the Cost?

While it is important not to choose the lowest price in supply chain planning systems without comparing effectiveness, experience, and features, the cost will come into play.

In most situations, the top level companies tend to be competitive with their pricing. Very low prices indicate a limited number of features, support or customization options for the systems provided.

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