As Skyscrapers Get Taller, Elevators Get Faster

Many people feel a bit nervous about elevators, although they’re likely to get over that anxiety if they have to start using an elevator on a regular basis. Some individuals learn to feel completely comfortable in elevators when they move to a high-rise residence hall in college or take a job in a multi-story building. They may never think about how companies such as Elevator Technologies Inc. in Washington DC are responsible for installing that complex equipment as well as maintaining and repairing it. On rare occasion, if the elevator is out of service, they may finally give thought to repair technicians and wonder how long it will be before the inconvenience stops disrupting their lives.

Some fun and exciting experiences simply cannot be accomplished without the help of an elevator that might make any average person nervous. For instance, some restaurants sit atop a tall building and patrons reach the establishment by riding a clear elevator up 15 floors or more.

As architects design increasingly taller buildings and elevator technology improves, the ability to travel to the top in such a rapid fashion may sound like science fiction. For example, visitors to the One World Trade Center can travel 102 floors in 60 seconds. To stay calm, they might think of this as traveling vertically by passenger train.

Even faster elevators are being developed and tested. That’s important when architects are planning buildings that are more than half a mile in height in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Most buildings don’t involve such great heights and such fast elevator speed. Nevertheless, the building owners rely on an organization such as Elevator Technologies Inc. in Washington DC to keep everything running smoothly so as not to frustrate their residents, employees and customers. When one elevator stops working, this can have a substantial impact on how quickly someone can get a ride to where they need to go. In addition, more people have to crowd into every elevator that’s available, making the ride less pleasant. A company interested in exploring options for installation and repair may take a look at the website.

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