Areas Where Sink Repair in Colorado Springs is Needed

Sinks are designed to hold water until it can make it down the drain. But a damaged sink may release water inside the vanity. Once water gets inside the vanity, it will destroy the integrity of it. The water combined with the high humidity in the bathroom will cause mold growth. There are several areas where a leak can occur in a sink.

One of the areas where Sink Repair in Colorado Springs is needed is when the seal around the sink fails. Sinks are sealed when they are installed. A failed seal is not all that common, but it can happen. If the sink is knocks out of place or the seal is old, a leak may occur. The best way to tell if this is a seal leak is to check for moisture around the edge of the sink using soap bubbles.

A leak around the drain is a more common sink problem. Drainage leakage can occur when the piping underneath the sink has been damaged, or the seals have deteriorated. This can occur if the drain was removed and cleaned due to a blockage but the pipes were not properly reattached. The water tight seal can be broken whenever the pipes are detached. It must be reapplied correctly to establish that water tight bond.

Faucet leaks are the most common type of sink repair in Colorado Springs. While the water won’t necessarily drip down under the vanity, the leakage is still a highly annoying problem. Each drop of water is basically wasted down the drain. A constant leakage will cause the water bill to go up. The most common fix for this problem is a replacement of the washer inside the faucet. However, older faucets may have rusted out components that will require a complete replacement to stop the leakage.

Sinks can develop leakages from physical damage or age. This type of leakage can go unnoticed but will cause problems with the vanity. While an inspection might identify where the leak is coming from, the repair process is not always as simple as it appears. Contact us if you have discovered a leaky sink or need help with the bathroom plumbing.

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