An Insurance Compnay in Scranton PA Can Help You Get Discounts

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Insurance

An Insurance Company in Scranton PA can help you get discounts on policies that you never even knew existed. Independent insurance agencies are still the best way to get your insurance coverage because they work with so many different companies that all offer their own discounts. Most people know about the most common discounts such as a discount for having multiple policies with the same insurance company, a good driver discount or a group enrollment discount, but there are many others available. Discounts do vary from insurance company to insurance company, but in general there are discounts that are barely known about. For example, discounts exist for being married, being a single parent, having a good credit score, and having Triple A. Some occupations qualify you for a discount such as being a farmer, a civil servant, a first responder, or being in the military.

An Independent Insurance Company in Scranton PA can also inform you of many types of insurances that may apply to your situations or to certain belongings. Personal insurance lines include home, auto, health and life insurance, but can also include identity theft insurance, pleasure vehicles such as boats and ATVs, flood insurance and collectibles insurance. Collectibles insurance refers to vintage antique items and includes comic books, model train sets, wine, advertising memorabilia, stamps, books, figurines, and coins. The list continues and each category has specific qualifications as to what qualifies as vintage and what does not, but the possibilities are extensive. You may have a collection of trading cards that is well worth insuring and not even know it or perhaps original action figures worth a lot of money. Florey Insurance Agency of Scranton PA is one example of an independent agency in the area that can research policies, find the most competitive prices and give you a free quote.

Commercial insurance lines are available that cover commercial liability, workman’s compensation benefits and business trucks and other vehicles. Whatever your needs may be, an independent agency can help you get the most options, the most competitive prices and the most discounts. They will do all the work so you will save time and money. You will also have the added benfit of personally knowing who you are dealing with and can talk to him/her face to face when you have questions.

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