Air Compressor Basics: Choosing the Right Contractors Supplies in Pasadena TX

Air Compressor Basics: Choosing the Right Contractors Supplies in Pasadena TX

To choose the right air compressor, the contractor must match the unit to his or her tools and job demands. While portable compressors are an ideal choice for some job sites, stationary compressors provide enough air to power production and automotive air tools. This guide will explain the aspects contractors should consider when choosing an air compressor through, a seller of Contractors Supplies Pasadena TX.


It is important to never exceed the rated pressure of the tool or the job. Oil-lubricated units should frequently be checked for sufficient lubrication, and safety valves should be uncovered during use. When done using the unit, the drain should be opened to allow moisture to escape the tank.


Air compressors fall into two main categories: stationary and portable. These Contractors Supplies Pasadena TX are available in many sizes and shapes, and some are so light they can easily be carried. Tank sizes range from two gallons to 30 gallons or more, which allows a contractor to handle a job of any size. Stationary units are designed to be installed in a fixed position and wired into a building’s electrical circuitry. These models typically come with 60-80 gallon air tanks and up to 10hp motors, which makes them ideal for industrial workshops and garages.

Power Source

Professional-grade air compressors are powered either by gasoline or electricity. Gas-powered compressors are typically used by contractors because of their on-the-job convenience and high output. However, these units emit noxious exhaust and should be used only in open areas. Electric models typically run on standard voltage, which is 110-120V. Compressors with higher-rated motors require a 220-240V electrical outlet. Because an electric compressor emits no fumes, they are a fine choice for indoor use.

Performance Ratings

One of the most important ratings to evaluate when choosing an air compressor is the amount of air the unit can deliver, which is measured in SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute). SCFM can change depending on the pressure of air in the tank, which is represented as psi or pounds per square inch.

Air compressors serve a variety of purposes in garages and on construction sites, and they are one of a contractor’s most valuable tools. By considering the factors listed here, a professional user can visit Mainland Tools & Supply in Texas City TX to find the right compressors and Contractors Supplies Pasadena TX.

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