Advantages of Professional Furniture Upholstery in Manhattan, NY

According to data from the American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association, Americans spend over $40 billion on bedding and furniture each year, and most don’t know the quality of the things they buy. Many people have found the advantages of professional furniture upholstery in Manhattan, NY, and they’re choosing to reupholster old pieces for the reasons listed below.

A Change in Style

People’s personal tastes and styles evolve over the years. However, changing preferences in design, pattern, or color are no reason to throw out a perfectly good piece of furniture. When hiring a firm like Interiors by J.C. Landa, clients often face new design needs, and a professional can help them find fabrics in new styles and colors to suit any decor.

Redesigning and Restoring High-Quality Items

Many clients come to realize that a furniture piece is still in good condition except for the fabric. Before furniture manufacturers began to cut corners during the mass-production process, pieces were built with higher-quality materials and construction methods. There are a few simple ways to determine whether a piece can be effectively reupholstered. Generally, if it’s heavy and has coil springs, it’s worthy of an upgrade.

Sentimental Reasons

Another important reason for furniture upholstery in Manhattan, NY is a customer’s sentimentality. In some cases, clients inherit pieces from family members and, in others, a furniture piece is simply an old family favorite. It’s quite satisfying to restore pieces that have been in the family for many years, and reupholstering can be seen as an investment in keeping the family’s history alive.

Helping the Environment

Instead of putting worn furniture in the landfill, clients can reupholster it to give pieces new life. When furniture is reupholstered, the springs and frame are reused-;which means that less waste is created. Fewer trees are cut down, and other natural resources are conserved. In short, reupholstery is a fresh, fashionable take on recycling.

Buying new furniture is a costly proposition, and it should be viewed as an investment. Reupholstery isn’t always expensive, especially when customers consider the expense of buying new furniture and having it delivered. When pieces are reupholstered, a family can get up to 20 more years of use under normal conditions. By hiring a professional upholsterer, owners can get the most out of their investment.

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