Advantages of Installing a Half Round Gutter in Kent, WA

Although they used to be used commonly prior to the 1950s, half round gutters have become somewhat of an anomaly today. This trend is primarily a question of efficiency and ease of installation. It’s true that the cost of manufacturing and installing a modern K-style gutter is less than that of a half round gutter in Kent, WA. However, this price advantage is not enough to dissuade many property owners, and it fact it shouldn’t be. Half round gutters have several advantages over their cheaper modern counterparts.

Visual Appeal

Historic homes and properties with a more classic design will be better complimented by half round gutters. Unlike their modern counterparts they are specifically designed to be an attractive highlight on older homes in addition to serving a practical purpose. Property owners whose houses are newer in design can still benefit from the aesthetic appeal of half round gutters as well. They will set any home apart from the rest of the neighborhood as far as style is concerned, giving the appearance of luxury and style.

Less Maintenance

The advantages of half round gutters are not exclusively aesthetic. Practically speaking these gutters are designed with a smoother shape that makes them less prone to clogging with leaves and other debris. Less clogging means less maintenance for homeowners, which can be quite the advantage.

Less Prone to Corrosion

The shape and design of half round gutters, in addition to the standard choice of materials, also makes them less prone to pooling water, and thus less prone to corrosion. In modern gutters corrosion is a frequent cause of rust, pinhole leaks, and eventual system failure. Although half round gutters are not immune to these problems they are likely to last longer before they come up.

A Modern Twist

Today’s half round gutters are available in different styles and materials, allowing homeowners a wider range of choices. It’s important to note that those who choose to install a half round gutter in Kent, WA should only trust experienced contractors. These gutters are heavier and more challenging to install than modern K-style gutters and require specialty hardware.

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