Advanced Veterinary Hospital in Crofton

Advanced Veterinary Hospital in Crofton

In most households, pets are considered a member of the family. An illness, odd behavior, or an accident is traumatic for the animal and stressful for the entire family. Having an advanced veterinary hospital in Crofton helps to relieve trauma and stress because the pet will receive the best care. From an on-site laboratory to the latest in diagnostic equipment, everything needed to treat the animal is in one place.

Fast Answers

Sending blood work out to a separate laboratory can take several days to get results. In that time the animal is suffering, can get worse, and may die. The save risks apply to an animal who has to be transported to another hospital for high-quality care. In the event of an accident, for example, a digital x-ray is required to discover the extent of damage or injury.

Once the diagnosis is revealed, immediate surgery can make the difference between life and death. Full surgical facilities and trained technicians to assist the vet are available at the veterinary hospital in Crofton. An intensive care unit (ICU) is also available and fully equipped for quick response to extreme cases and the need for constant monitoring.

Comprehensive Care

In addition to emergencies an advanced facility, such as the Gambrills Veterinary Center, will provide general care services, dental procedures, and medical treatments. There are climate-controlled facilities to accommodate exotic pets. Grooming, daycare for cats and dogs, and boarding are offered as well.

The pet becomes familiar and comfortable with the vet and support staff, owners have an easier time getting the pet into and out of the car for appointments, and total care is close by. That furry family member is in experienced and capable hands.

Savings of Time and Money

The opportunity to get complete care for a pet in one place, come what may will save owners time and money. Emergency costs alone are expensive. Adding emergency transport service or a flight to those costs is overwhelming. Time will be saved as well because the family can visit the recovering pet close to home. There are not extra travel expenses or time needed to make a long drive.

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