Addressing The Myths Around Physician Locum Tenens Jobs

There are many different myths and almost urban legend types of stories that circulate on the internet and on medical job seeker websites about physician locum tenens jobs. Although there may well be a grain of truth to these stories, they tend to be exaggerations and misrepresentations, often by an individual with little or no experience in working in these types of jobs.

To help get to the truth, here are some common errors about physician locum tenens jobs positions that are found online. By understanding the reality or job, and by choosing a reputable, established and professionally operated physician staffing agency you can avoid all of these issues and have a wonderful experience in temporary medical services.

Infrequent Pay and Few Benefits

Some of the most common issues you will hear about physician locum tenens jobs is that the pay is low, you are only paid at the end of each staffing, and there are no benefits with the employment.

This is the one myth that is very closely tied to the agency you are working with. Top agencies pay very good wages and, as your experience is not as critical to the position as with a permanent hire, it is possible to work in amazing healthcare facilities even if you are a relatively new physician.

Additionally, you are paid weekly by the physician locum tenens agency, and your housing, travel, and malpractice insurance, while you are in the position, are all covered by the agency as well, decreasing your cost of living.

Limited Positions in Lower Quality Healthcare Facilities

With a top physician locum tenens agency, you will have a choice of which hospitals, neighborhoods, cities and states you wish to work it. There is no requirement to take a job, and you have the option to determine if it is acceptable to you based on your preferences and comfort level.

Harms Your Future Potential

When doctors have multiple moves in their career as a doctor in a practice or as a full-time employee that doesn’t stay in one position or at one facility, it is harmful to a CV. However, as a physician locum tenens you are employed by the physicians staffing service, not the particular hospital.

Hiring managers understand the difference, and it will not be a detriment to applying for a position at a later date. For any doctor, the opportunity to work as a physician locum tenens can actually help to build your resume and show your ability to work in a variety of different facilities.

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