Adding Another Driver to a Vehicle Insurance Policy

Adding Another Driver to a Vehicle Insurance Policy

Whether the children are moving out or someone’s moving back in, households can change. To properly protect the family, its vehicles, and its peace of mind, policyholders may need to periodically update their Vehicle Insurance coverage. Below is some information on updating a consumer auto insurance policy by adding another driver.

Adding a Driver
Adding new people to an auto insurance policy is relatively simple and should be done immediately after another driver enters the household. Customers can do it over the phone or online, or they can notify their local auto insurance agent. Adding another driver as soon as they move into the home allows customers to remain up to date on their coverage, and it reduces the risk of a policy cancellation.

Reasons to Add Other Drivers
There are multiple reasons to add a teen or other driver to one’s auto insurance. It’s typically more cost-efficient to add another driver than it is to buy another policy, especially for teen drivers. Customers should tell their insurers if they have a child at college, as it may earn them a good-student discount. However, if one purposely avoids adding a teen driver, they could lose their coverage or have a hard time changing policies-;which can get expensive. By adding other drivers, the company can accurately assess the client’s risk, and the customer will receive the most competitive rate possible.

Adding Non-Drivers and Those Who Live at Home Part-Time
If someone moves in and they no longer drive, it is important to disclose that to the auto insurance company. In such cases, the person should exchange their driver’s license for an ID card to clarify the fact that they don’t drive anymore. If a customer has a college student living in a dorm, the student must still be on the policy unless they have their own coverage. Parents sharing custody should list their children on their policy if they own the car the child drives.

Household circumstances can change as people move out or as they move back in. Therefore, one’s Vehicle Insurance needs may change as well.

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