Add Interest & Sparkle to Your Movie, Commercial or Special Event With a Fish Tank Rental in New York

Aquariums provide a glimpse into a brightly colored alternate world. That may be one reason they’re so often seen in movies and commercials. How often have you watched a movie where the bad guy can be seen through the aquarium? You’ve surely seen scenes where the aquarium gets shot, releasing a flood wave of water and flopping fish onto the floor. That’s certainly not the recommended treatment for a Tank Rental in New York, but a shattering tank does add drama and excitement to a movie.

Add Drama and Reality to a Scene

More often, an aquarium isn’t the star of the scene but, instead, plays a supporting role.

• An aquarium can be used as a prop to round out a character, adding a personal touch to a hit man or tycoon as they care for exotic fish

• In a professional office, a large tank adds a sense of class and stability, making it appear as though the office has been serving clients for years

• A fish tank makes a child’s bedroom or family room seem more genuine

• The constant movement and color of the fish become effective complements to the more static elements of the scene

Put “Special” in Your Special Event

It can be hard to think of something a little different when it seems like every theme has been done and redone. A good-sized aquarium can become the focal point, sparking a lot of other decorative ideas. The fish and tank are also interesting on their own.

• Plan an underwater theme for a prom or celebration

Add humor to a birthday or retirement party for a fisherman

• Add interest to a business meeting or convention

You Have the Fun, They Do the Work

Aquarium Aquariums makes it easy.

• They bring the tank, fish, and accessories to you

• They take care of everything while you have it

• They pack up the tank and fish and take them away when you’re done

Aquarius Aquariums has been providing aquariums, fish, and related equipment for movie and commercial use for over 30 years. They understand your needs and how the business works. If you’re interested in a tank for a special event, tell them what you’re thinking. Their focus is always on providing world-class customer service.

When you need a Tank Rental in New York, call or contact them at

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