Actions to Perform Before Calling a Specialist for Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL

Actions to Perform Before Calling a Specialist for Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL

Having a solid air conditioning system is beneficial to maintaining a positive living environment. However, factors such as poor maintenance, elevated pollutants, and age can result in damage to an AC system. Before calling a specialist for an Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL, it’s a good idea to perform a few actions. This can help a homeowner resume normal control over temperature and humidity promptly. It can also assist a homeowner by avoiding costly repairs.

Change the Filter

One of the primary causes of air conditioner damage is undesirable contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, and dust causing defects to an AC system. In particular, unsuccessful filtration can result in excess spoilage of the air conditioner’s evaporator coil and condenser coil. Over time, too much indoor pollution can create defects and seriously diminish indoor air quality. To keep this from occurring, once every month or two, change the filter of the air conditioner. Reusable or disposable filters can be used.

Check the Drain Line

As an AC system treats air, condensate forms. This excess liquid exits the system through the drain line. Over time, algae growth and clumped debris can form a blockage. When condensate backs up, it can leak onto the floor. It can also cause internal damage to the AC system. Once or twice a year pour a cup of bleach down the condensate line. This breaks up clogs of debris, mold, mildew, and fungus. Preventing water damage can save the hassle of costly repairs.

Assess the Thermostat

Many air conditioner defects are simply caused by a thermostat being improperly operated. Take the time to go through the settings on the thermostat. Do this with care and use manufacturer’s directions for operating this device. Be patient when doing this to correctly evaluate the thermostat.

Filter changing, condensate line cleaning, and thermostat assessment can all correct problems in air conditioning. Performing these suggestions periodically can also make it easier to manage household humidity, temperature, and proper air flow. For information on AC services including maintenance and air conditioner repair in Davenport FL, please talk to a specialist at Watts Air Conditioning or browse our website.

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