A Simple Look At The Scope Mount

While there may not be a lot of different components of a weapon, each component or part has a critical role to play. When any of the components are low quality or don’t offer the stability and quality needed for accuracy, the shooter is going to have less control and less ability to hit the target consistently.

Shooters often spend a lot of time selecting a scope. They may read reviews, talk to other gun enthusiasts and actually do a side by side comparison. However, they may also overlook a very basic component and mismatch the scope and the scope mount choice.

The Ideal Choice

The mistake that most new gun owners make is assuming that there is an ideal scope mount choice that is universal with all scopes and weapons. In fact, there are a lot of different variables that can make one type of mount, either a single or a two-piece system, the better option.
Taking the time to consider what you need, the size and weight of the scope and your comfort in working with the weapon will all be factors to take into consideration.

The One Piece Vs. Two Piece Debate

The benefit of the one-piece scope mount is that it is already aligned and will just need to be mounted to the rifle. For longer scopes or heavier optics, the one-piece solution is often the best as it makes the proper eye relief much easier.

It will be important to consider the clearance between the mount and the bolt feed on the rifle. Care also needs to be taken to ensure that the holes in the scope are correctly aligned with the mount.

The two-piece mounts offer a lightweight solution without adding additional weight to the weapon. They tend to avoid the complications with the bolt feed that are a concern with one-piece options. They are also considered ideal if you are going to change the scope rings between weapons, but this is often not a concern for gun owners.

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