A Roofing Company in East Hampton, NY Can Ensure Proper Roof Ventilation

Ventilation is a roof’s best protection against the sun’s intense rays. Sunlight can damage a roof by creating interior temperatures that can easily be double the outdoor temperature. Over a period, intense heat and UV rays can greatly shorten the lifespan of a home’s roof.

Good Ventilation Starts at the Top

Temperature issues in roofing start with attic ventilation. Proper ventilation systems pull air into the home’s attic and push heated air out. Below is a brief explanation of how ventilation systems work.

  *     An intake vent is typically installed in a roof’s eaves or soffits next to the attic. In the summertime, fresh air comes in through intake vents and, even if the air is very hot, it’s almost certainly cooler than the air in the attic. On a hot day with no ventilation, an attic can reach a temperature of 150 degrees.

  *     The exhaust vent helps to remove heated air out of the attic and away from a home’s roof. Exhaust vents are installed at the roof top, and a Roofing Company in East Hampton NY will ensure there are enough vents for the home’s size.

The Consequences of Poor Ventilation

  *     Mildew: With poor ventilation, moisture can accumulate inside the attic. The problem is especially severe in tropical climates as mildew can infiltrate attic insulation, reducing its effectiveness.

  *     Stress on air conditioning units: Higher attic temperatures, which are an inevitable product of inadequate roofing ventilation, create warmer interior temperatures in the entire home. As the home heats up, more stress is placed on the central air conditioning system.

  *     Total roof failure: Blazing heat puts a severe toll on almost every type of residential roofing material. As damage accumulates, there’s a higher likelihood that the roof will fail sooner than expected. Heat can be especially damaging to wooden and asphalt roofs. You can click here to get more details.

Most homeowners do not think much about their roof’s ventilation until the insulation becomes damaged by mildew, or the entire roof fails because of heat damage. However, learning about roof ventilation can help the homeowner prevent serious damage. A Roofing Company in East Hampton NY, such as Coastland Corporation, can help customers ensure that a home’s roof is sufficiently ventilated regardless of its size or location.

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