A Radiator Repair Service in Fort Collins, CO Offers Ways to Deal with Common Radiator Failures

A Radiator Repair Service in Fort Collins, CO Offers Ways to Deal with Common Radiator Failures

Homeowners choose to heat their homes in various ways. Some use furnaces that are part of an HVAC system. Some use boilers. Others use radiators, especially those in older homes. For those homes that use radiators for heating, they must ensure that those radiators hold up during the coldest days, as do other heating systems. To do this, it would be helpful to do a regular inspection on the radiators, for cord frays, leaks and other issues. There is a plumbing and heating contractor who offers Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO. These are some ways to deal with common radiator failure issues.

  • Those who own cast iron hot water radiators or steam radiators are familiar with the fact that they can often succumb to leaking. It could be in the sections where the cast iron sections are bolted together. The radiator may have rusted through, or cracked through intense pressure.
  • There are other radiators that work under extremely high pressure, and a leak could lead to a terrible explosion. This is a type of job that would call for a radiator repair expert.
  • Other radiators have chemicals that have been added to the water flowing through the system. This may be dangerous for a layperson to try to handle. A professional contractor will need to be called for this type of repair.
  • One other issue that might need to be considered when a radiator is in need of repair, is the age of the radiator. Older ones often are coated with lead-based paint. Such residue could be harmful if not handled properly. Experienced contractors are trained to know how to handle with these issues.

Paul’s Plumbing & Heating is a plumbing contractor that provides the experienced contractors to handle the various issues customers might have with their radiators. The Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO has been providing this service for over 33 years. In addition to the repair of radiators, the contractor repairs and installs plumbing equipment, such as water heaters and drains. The contractor also services HVAC systems. If any potential customer is looking for Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO, or Loveland, CO, contact the contractor at the website, http://paulsplumbinginc.com/.

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