A Guide to Successful Dog Behavior Training: How to House Train Your Pet

To successfully house train a dog, owners must rely on the animal’s natural tendencies and instincts. Dogs are clean by instinct, and will not soil eating or sleeping areas if it can be avoided. Dogs naturally like to void in certain places; for instance, a dog who likes to “go” in the grass wouldn’t like to eliminate on gravel or concrete. Owners can use these tendencies for successful Dog Behavior Training.

Set Aside a Living Area for the Dog

The Dog Stop recommends a few steps to set a dog up for house training success. Firstly, a living area should be established; a small space such as a part of the bathroom or kitchen would be ideal. The owner should spend as much time as is possible with the dog in the den, and the dog should sleep and eat there. The dog should be given a bed, which can be anything from a large box to a beach towel. An animal may eliminate in the bed once or twice, but they will stop once they realize that this is their sleeping area.

Establish a Toileting Area

The second step is to establish a toileting area for the dog. Every time the animal needs to void, allow easy access to the area. Until the dog develops the habit of elimination in a single spot, the owner should monitor his or her behavior. To simplify things for owner and animal the dog should be put on a feeding schedule; what goes in at a regular time will come out at a regular time. A healthy adult dog should be able to control his/her bowels and bladder for at least eight hours, or overnight.

Tying it All Together

Once a dog consistently “goes” in their toileting area, the owner can extend the den to the remainder of the home. Start by allowing access to only one room at a time, but only after the owner knows that the dog’s bowels and bladder are empty. Allow the dog to sleep, play and eat in the room while supervised, and gradually add rooms as Dog Behavior Training develops. You can like them on Facebook.

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