A Dentist in Eagan, MN can Replace Teeth Using Dental Implants

Selecting a dentist in Eagan, MN is an important healthcare decision. The dental office should provide general dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry treatments, teeth whitening solutions and dental implant procedures. It makes a patient’s life much easier when they don’t need to go to specialists to have the smile that they’ve always wanted. Older people have weaker immune systems and bones. This makes it more likely that they will lose their teeth to disease. If this does happen they can be reassured that their dentist is adept at fitting and maintaining dentures.

Today’s dentures are much more natural looking than the ones that previous generations had to wear. They are also much more comfortable. Even with these improvements denture wearers can be afraid that their dentures will slip while they are speaking. Dental implants are now used to anchor dentures and to make this fear a thing of the past. The dentist in Eagan, MN inserts implants at regular intervals along the patient’s upper and lower jaw. They are topped with small metal balls. These are smooth and won’t irritate the denture wearer’s mouth when the dentures are not in place.

There are grooves in the bottom of the dentures that exactly match the location of the metal balls. In the morning, the denture wearer takes the clean dentures and snaps them into place. They can eat and speak with confidence knowing that their dentures are anchored securely to the implants.

Younger people can lose teeth as well. While it is unusual for them to lose all of their teeth, accidents account for many teeth that have to be extracted. Once the jaw has recovered from the tooth extraction, the dentist can insert a titanium cylinder into the jaw. Very accurate digital x-rays pinpoint the location of adjacent tooth roots and nerves. A successful implant requires that the implant not impinge on either of these. Titanium is the same material that is used in artificial joints. The body tolerates it well and doesn’t reject it. Once the implant is fully incorporated in the jaw, a porcelain crown is cemented to it. The crown and implant look like a natural tooth. Visit website to learn more about implant dentistry and other services available from a full-service dental office.

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