A Dedicated Louisville Moving Company Will Keep on Moving

Moving is hard work. It involves planning, budgeting, organizing, packing, loading, unloading and the list goes on. It’s usually best when moving day can be planned on a nice day with no rain and no drastic warm temperatures. This is not always the case. Sometimes moves happen in the pouring rain or in 90 degree heat. No matter the weather, a dedicated moving company will keep on moving.

What Does a Moving Company Have to Offer?
When looking for quality movers in Louisville, reliability and credibility are important qualities to look for. Moving companies should also be timely, professional, polite, considerate, and have a passion for their work. Professional movers as individuals should also share these qualities plus speak positively about their employer. Happy team members can make a move go a lot smoother.

When it comes to services, moving companies should offer the basics of moving boxes from the home to the truck and then unloading them at the new location. But additional services should also be offered by the moving company. Louisville residents should find out if the team also provides:

  • Free estimate
  • Personal move management and planning
  • Single point of contact
  • Full or partial packing/unpacking
  • Property protection
  • Packing materials
  • Movement of household goods
  • Valuation coverage
  • Crating and specialty packing

Relocation Agencies Offer Additional Services
Choosing to work with a relocation agency in Louisville can provide additional moving services as well. Relocation agencies can offer a variety of options to choose from and go above and beyond typical moving services. For instance, relocation agencies can hand select a moving company that they have a partnership with. The agency can provide single contact for moving and for additional aids such as locating a realtor, staging the home for sale, and even providing cash-back options on home sales and home purchases.

If storage space is required temporarily or long-term, the agency can also provide secure facilities equipped with alarms, after-hours security personnel, fire suppression systems, ventilation and vaulted storage. Choosing professional movers on their own is great, but choosing a relocation agency brings more options to the table and keeps the move going.

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