8 Things to Know Before You Talk to a Car Dealer

8 Things to Know Before You Talk to a Car Dealer

Buying a car can be a bit of a stressful experience. Here are eight things you should know before you talk to a car dealer in Tulsa.

Credit score

High credit scores can net you better interest rates, USA Today says. If you’re planning on buying a car, start clearing your debt and fixing your credit history to get the financing you need.

Know your budget

Draw up your budget before you talk to a car dealer in Tulsa. Knowing your ballpark will make it easier for the dealer to steer you in the right direction.

Check the add-ons

Those add-ons can add a lot to the total cost of your car. Check them to make sure you’re saying yes to what you need.

Go for used cars

Don’t limit your selection process to new cars. You can save so much more when you pick out a used or pre-owned vehicle. However, be sure to check it thoroughly so you won’t go home with a lemon.

Pick a dealer

A trusted dealer can make the process a lot more convenient and less stressful. You know you’re in capable hands so you can breathe easy.

Ask questions

Put together a list of questions to help you cover more ground with the dealer. That should help you work out which car or vehicle hits the mark for you.

Calculate the costs

Owning a car comes with a slew of associated fees and charges. Be sure to factor in the insurance, repair and maintenance costs into your budget along with fuel and parking fees.

Test drive it

Don’t buy a car unless the dealer gives you the go-ahead for a test drive. Those drives can turn up information you can’t find in the papers such as: does it offer you enough leg or elbow room? Does it handle corners well? Take it for a spin and find out.

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