6 Ways You Could Start Taking Better Care of Your Transmission System

6 Ways You Could Start Taking Better Care of Your Transmission System

If you own a car and want to know more about how to properly care for your ride, read on.

Fluid changes

The fluid in your automatic transmission system impacts your car’s operational efficiency over the long term. If you don’t get your car serviced and that fluid changed regularly, then you’re courting disaster, the Car’s Guide warns.

Service routine for normal-use cars

Oil breaks down over time. If that happens, the oil can deal extensive damage to your transmission system if you don’t get it serviced on time. If your car is usually put to normal use, then change the oil and filter every 12 months. That’s usually about 20,000 km. For the transmission, a full flush should be done every two years.

Punishing driving conditions

On the other hand, if you drive your vehicle in punishing conditions, then you’ll need to consider reducing those intervals. Get those changes done much more frequently.

Manual instructions

Still, the best way to check is to read your manual. What kind of service schedule does it recommend? Follow that for your car. That includes fixes and transmission repair in Duncanville TX.

Changing gears

If you’re going to switch from one gear to another, be sure to do it after you’ve fully stopped the car. If you’re going to switch gears while your ride is moving, that’s going to put unnecessary strain on your transmission system. If you don’t want a faulty transmission system, kick that bad habit.

Service center

Choose a reputable car shop for transmission repair in Duncanville TX. Pick one with certified technicians. The last thing you want is to have your car in the hands of inexperienced repair staff. Once you find a trustworthy car shop, have your ride serviced regularly. That’s going to help it run without a hitch, so you can save money on repairs.

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