5 Tips for Better Septic System Performance

5 Tips for Better Septic System Performance

If your home or business is on a septic system, you need to take special precautions and watch what goes into your drains. However, when properly maintained, septic systems give you excellent service for many years and most of the time you never even know they are there. To keep your septic tank and drain field in top shape, here are five tips from your local septic pumping services in Wharton.

1. Use the Right Toilet Paper

Not all toilet paper is the same today. Most manufacturers claim to make septic system friendly paper, but some products break down easier than others. You want paper which breaks down rapidly to make it easier on your waste disposal system.

2. Limit Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Your septic system may receive a lot of different soaps and cleaners each day. It is important to use biodegradable dishwashing and laundry soaps. Your septic pumping services in Wharton recommend using eco-friendly products.

3. Substitute Vinegar for Bleach and Harsh Cleaners

If you use too much bleach, it may hurt your septic tank bacteria. Vinegar is a better alternative. It does not kill bacteria and is safe for cleaning, disinfecting, and killing mold.

4. Keep Tree Roots and Large Plants Away from Your Drain Field

Tree roots can make their way into your septic drain system and inside of drain pipes. They can clog pipes, and this may cause raw sewage to come to the top of the ground. You can avoid these problems by keeping trees away from the drain field.

5. Tank Pumping

Most septic pumping services in Wharton recommend pumping out the tank every two to three years. However, this depends on the size of the family or business. Some need fewer pumpings while others need more. Your septic tank professionals can help you choose the best schedule for your needs.

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