5 Signs that a Home Needs Garage Door Opener Tune-Ups in Marysville WA

A garage door’s opener is one of its most useful parts. Without it, the door would be difficult or even impossible to open. It’s important to check it periodically to ensure proper function because it’s one of the home’s biggest moving parts and it’s used several times per day. Most people don’t realize that garage doors can gradually wear out, and they only notice it when there’s a problem. Below are five signs that help homeowners know when it’s time to visit us for Garage Door Opener Tune-ups in Marysville WA.

The Door Opens on Its Own

Some people ignore it when the garage door opens by itself, and others think it’s their mind playing tricks. Garage doors don’t just open by themselves, except when there’s a problem, and if the door does operate on its own the homeowner should get it serviced as soon as possible. Homeowners shouldn’t ignore a door that randomly opens and closes itself, as it can present a definite safety hazard.

Flashing Lights in the Rear Circuit

When there are sudden flashes in the garage door opener’s back circuit, the homeowner should realize that there’s a problem that needs immediate professional service. These flashes are not commonplace, and they signal a serious problem that requires immediate repair or replacement.

The Sensor No Longer Does its Job

When a sensor no longer detects the signal from the remote, it could mean that the opener itself is going bad. If the homeowner must manually operate the door because the sensor no longer does its job, they should call a repair service to get the opener replaced as soon as possible.

When the Opener Has No Power

If there’s power going to the opener, but it’s not working, there may be an issue with the wiring that signals an imminent failure. When the rest of the house has power but the garage door isn’t going up or down, the opener may need repair or replacement.

The Remote Doesn’t Work

Aside from the opener itself, the main parts of the system are the remote and/or the keypad. When any of these parts fail, the homeowner should call for Garage Door Opener Tune-ups in Marysville WA as soon as possible.

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