5 Myths About New Manufactured Mobile Homes For Sale in Carson City NV

5 Myths About New Manufactured Mobile Homes For Sale in Carson City NV

Today’s manufactured homes are a fine alternative for lower-income homebuyers. However, modern misconceptions sometimes lead to serious errors during the buying process. As companies try to clear preconceived notions about New Manufactured Mobile Homes For Sale in Carson City NV, this article attempts to dispel several of the most common myths on this type of housing.

All Manufactured Homes Look the Same

Many people believe that manufactured homes are small, cookie-cutter dwellings. What they may not know, however, is that these homes are customizable in terms of function and form. Builders have multiple floor plans and options that allow customers to have a chef-style kitchen, Jacuzzi tub, skylights, and site-built garages. To make it easier to customize the home, builders guide the buyer through the process of choosing a floor plan, location, and features that fit their lifestyle.

Manufactured Housing is Unsafe and of Low Quality

Today’s manufactured homes are built with the same high-quality materials as site-built homes. This means that not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they are also built to the same standards as conventional homes. HUD governs manufactured home construction, and builders must comply with requirements on durability, energy efficiency, HVAC, fire resistance, electrical systems, and performance.

These Homes Aren’t as Energy Efficient as Site-Built Homes

Many think that a manufactured home isn’t as energy efficient as a site-built house. However, these homes may be remodeled, designed and upgraded for increased efficiency. HUD developed the above mentioned standards to minimize operation and construction costs over a home’s lifespan, and many builders work with Energy Star to provide more efficient homes.

They’re Costly

Because manufactured homes may be customized, they can differ in price. These homes usually cost between 10% and 35% less than a comparably built conventional home, minus land cost. Additionally, manufactured homes take less time to build, and they create less construction waste.

They Quickly Depreciate in Value

Many customers assume that manufactured housing’s value declines faster than that of a conventional home. However, research shows that depreciation is dependent upon the same factors affecting a site-built home’s value: economy, the local market, location, and maintenance.

Hopefully, the information above has helped to dispel some of the myths about new manufactured mobile homes for sale in Carson City NV. Contact us to find out how the team at White Knight can use their experience and expertise to help buyers find the manufactured housing solution that suits their budget, needs and lifestyle.

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