5 Keys for Effective PPC Management for Law Firms

There are many reasons that PPC marketing can be a huge asset to a law firm. From being able to target specific practice areas, to controlling how aggressive your marketing is, to drastically increasing your inbound leads, this type of marketing is an excellent option for firms whose budgets or caseloads shift regularly. But effective PPC management for law firms can require time and effort that you may not have to spend. Here are the five keys that we focus on when we create PPC campaigns for firms:

  • Relevant keywords: It is extremely important to choose the most relevant keywords for your target audience. This is what puts your PPC ads in front of the clients you really want to target. We consider your practice areas and specialties, and what your clients are searching for, to choose the best keywords for your ads.
  • Strong landing pages: PPC ad clicks will lead any viewer to a landing page. While the PPC ad is the headline that draws attention, the landing page is really where you’ll sell your service. We work to create very professional landing pages that get clients taking action.
  • Compelling ads: The advertisements themselves must be compelling to convince viewers to click. This means you need a credible text that targets the right audience, and immediately connects on an emotional level. This can be one of the most difficult parts of PPC management for law firms.
  • Balanced budgets: PPC campaigns require that you “pay per click”, meaning anytime a viewer clicks on your ad, you pay for the ad. Budgeting for these campaigns requires a careful balance to ensure that the traffic volume isn’t superseding your budget constraints. Careful allocation is key to keeping your costs low.
  • Diligent Monitoring: Finally, it is vital that PPC campaigns be constantly monitored for effectiveness. Keywords and ad content can be tweaked to get better results if an ad isn’t performing up to par.

These five key focuses can help you attract more clients and get the exposure your law firm needs. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to perfecting these five areas, your PPC campaigns are not going to be as effective as they could be. That is why at Forward Lawyer Marketing, we offer a complete PPC management service for law firms. Contact us at (000) 000-9687 to learn more by speaking with an expert legal marketing consultant.

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