5 Key Benefits of Using a Promotional Umbrella to Market Your Business

Looking for a way to market your business? There are tons of options out there. Social media marketing is highly popular, as is SEO and inbound marketing. Offline, you can use newspaper and magazine marketing, or even TV commercials, billboards, and the like. However, one of the most effective options might just be the humble umbrella. How might a promotional umbrella benefit your business?

Highly Visible Branding

The next time it’s raining, stick your head out the front door of your business. What do you see? The chances are good that it’s a sidewalk full of umbrellas open to protect their users against the rain. A promotional umbrella design can be incredibly visible – allowing you to reach eyeballs in ways that other promotional items and methods simply cannot approach.

Plenty of Messaging Space

In most cases, promotional items have very limited space for messaging – a pen, or can koozie, for instance. However, a promotional umbrella has plenty of space to hold your brand name, your logo, and whatever marketing message you might want to share with the world.

Low Cost, High Return

Your business has a limited marketing budget. You need to make sure that you make smart investments with that money. A promotional umbrella campaign can be one of the highest returning options available to you. Plus, promotional umbrellas are not particularly expensive. The right company can offer you very affordable rates for both the umbrellas you need, and customize them with your promotional message, business name and logo.

Tremendous Durability

Let’s face it – most campaigns that rely on promotional items are short-lived. Those pens you paid for? They’re lost inside a week. Can koozies go into a junk drawer and are forgotten about. Other items are lost, or broken and thrown away. Not so with umbrellas. These items see everyday use, and your customers will carry them around, place them in their cars, store them in their offices, and more. A single promotional umbrella might last for years!

Highly Popular

Finally, there are few things as popular as a free, high-quality umbrella. They can be fashion accessories, as well as protective equipment. Plus, they have real value to your customers, ensuring that they will put them to use in the real world.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits with these promotional items. We invite you to browse our website to learn more.

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