5 Basics Considerations for Every Prospective Homeowner

5 Basics Considerations for Every Prospective Homeowner

Buying property means you’re tying yourself and your money down to a home. It’s a financial commitment that often lasts for years. Before you take the plunge, though, here are basic considerations for choosing a piece of Sechelt real estate property.


What’s your budget? Find a home that you can comfortably afford. Buying your dream home shouldn’t mean putting yourself in debt for more than a few years. Do the math to make sure your home payments won’t be more than 35 or 40 percent of your net monthly income.


Ask about the availability of the Sechelt real estate property, This is Money says. If there are other buyers in the wings, you may lose your chance if you wait too long to make a decision. Decide with care and caution. And if it doesn’t hit the mark for you, keep going.


How far is it to your office? Is the travel time short enough to make the property accessible for you? Are there transportation hubs nearby? What about schools?


What kind of neighborhood is it? Is there a low crime rate? Can you see yourself and your family thriving there? Is it a close-knit community? Is it a good place to raise children or retire? Depending on your lifestyle and age—whether you’re just starting a family, raising one or retiring—you’ll want to find a community that’s a fit for your needs.


Don’t forget to be clear about why you’re buying property in the first place. Do you want to turn it into your primary residence or are you just looking for a weekend home, where you could escape to whenever you need a break from the city? Do you want to lease it out for a bit of rental income? Figure that out too.

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