4G LTE Tablets With Cellular Service

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Mobile Phones

Having cellular service on your smartphone is a must, but it can also be a great convenience to have it on your tablet as well, opening a whole new world of capability and performance you can benefit from. 4G LTE tablets can equipped with cellular service to give you even more useful capabilities compared to regular performance of a tablet without cellular service.

How Cellular Service Boosts Tablet Performance
Since an LTE tablet doesn’t have to rely on Wi-Fi service, you can enjoy faster download speeds and better video quality. Wi-Fi may not always be available in certain areas when traveling, making the 4G service extremely useful for sending email or watching/listening to multimedia content while waiting for your flight or luggage.

Many 4G LTE tablets can also be put on a shared data plan at the same service carrier as your cellphone, allowing you to split the data among your family and their devices without the hassles of separate plans or carriers.

Important Features for the Best Experience
Much like shopping for a smartphone, you want to seek out a tablet with the most innovative features and capabilities to ensure that you get the best performance. The first big thing to look for is a powerful processor. Tablets can be equipped with quad core processors, around 1.3 GHz, that work in conjunction with the 4G service to give you the speed you need to enjoy watching streaming content, TV programs, and playing games without lagging or other service interruption that is common with Wi-Fi.

Another feature to consider before buying a tablet is screen size and resolution. Tablets come in varying HD screen sizes that can be purchased based on your preference and what you plan to use the tablet for. If you need it for viewing graphs, charts, and other figures, a tablet with and 7” or larger screen would be best.

Tablets with screens in the 5” to 6” range are called phablets, which are devices that are a cross between a tablet and a smartphone. These are great for travel since they are compact like a smartphone, but offer a large enough screen to read emails or play games.

You may also want to seek out 4G LTE tablets or phablets that feature a camera. Some feature an LED flash to help you capture the moment or send visual updates on a project to your boss.

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