4 Questions to Ask If You’re Undergoing an MRI Exam

4 Questions to Ask If You’re Undergoing an MRI Exam

Getting an MRI scan provides your doctor with a non-invasive way of seeing your internal organs and systems. However, before you make an appointment for an MRI imaging test in Altamonte Springs, here are a few important questions to ask yourself.

Do you have metal in your body?

The MRI machine is one giant magnet. If you have any metal in your body, then you could end up getting hurt. Let your doctor know so s/he can think of other diagnostic equipment and tests that can be used to diagnose your condition. This is true for patients who have a pacemaker, artificial joints, limbs or heart valves, metal fragments, shrapnel or bullets, surgical clips and body piercings, to name a few.

Do you have kidney problems?

The contrast dye that’s used for the scan will help the doctor get a clearer image. And while it’s safe to use, it can worsen your condition if you’re already suffering from severe kidney disease.

Are you pregnant?

MRIs are safe. But it can raise the temperature inside your body, the WebMD says. If there’s a chance that you’re pregnant and you’re in your first trimester, it’s best that you reschedule your MRI imaging test in Altamonte Springs for much, much later.

Are you claustrophobic?

Traditional MRI machines are enclosed tubes. If you’re afraid of tight places, then getting through the exam can be challenging. However, there are facilities that have MRI machines with an open design. These healthcare facilities offer you a better solution. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting through the procedure or even requesting for sedation to get through the medical exam. You’ll be comfortable and conscious throughout.

If you’re getting an MRI test, ask yourself these questions before you book an appointment with a healthcare center.

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