4 Destructive Myths about Drug Abuse

Belief in drug abuse myths can derail recovery. If your loved one is suffering from drug abuse, one of the best ways to encourage him to go for treatment is talking to him. However, talking to your loved one without prior knowledge of what the drug addiction is, how it works and what his entire experience has been about can make it tough for both parties to establish a connection. If you want to help your loved one recover faster, understanding why addictions happen is key. So is knowing the real score, meaning telling what’s myth from fiction:

  1. Addicts could stop it if they want it enough. Pysch Central cites this as one of the most common myths about addiction. Long-term drug abuse changes your brain’s makeup and neural responses. It also affects your nerves. So it’s not simply a matter of someone thinking determinedly enough. Trying to put a stop to the addiction with nothing more than sheer will power can be fatal. Drugs train your body to get used to the high, the sensations it provides. Your loved one needs medical assistance to ensure the withdrawal process is safe. Otherwise, he could end up having a stroke or massive cardiac arrest.
  2. Addiction is for life, CNN says. It’s not true. Recovery can be long and present many challenges, but recovery is possible. With treatment, help and medication, you could live your life drug-free.
  3. Addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can get better. Helpguide Org says, though, that the sooner you get help for your loved one, the sooner he can start on his treatment and recovery. He doesn’t need to hit rock bottom. As soon as you see the signs, seek out treatment right away. Finding a drug rehab in Pasadena to provide the treatment is crucial. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Grab the chance to get your loved one to go for help while there’s still time.
  4. It didn’t work so there’s no use doing it again. Relapses can be devastating but that’s nothing to when your loved one stops trying. So don’t treat those relapses as a failure but a continuation of his rehabilitation. Continue to provide support. That, more than anything else, can have the biggest impact on your loved one’s recovery.

So know what your loved one is going through. Stop believing in myths and start learning the facts.

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