3 Tips for Designing Stunning Wall Décor

Creating a beautiful wall that displays your favorite wall décor can be hard if you aren’t sure exactly how to show off your collection. One great thing that you can do in your home is to give each wall a story. Consider what you want to tell with that wall – the story of your family, the story of your travel adventures, or simply the story of your favorite works of art. Here are three tips for creating that story on your wall with beautiful wall décor.

Choose the Look Based on the Room

Be sure to consider the function of the room where you will be displaying the décor. For example, you may prefer to keep personal family or travel photos in a more casual space like a bedroom or a den. Meanwhile, your entry hallway may be a better place for portraits or works of art. Consider the décor in the rest of the room as well. If your room is very monochromatic, you may need your frames to match the room’s color scheme. If you prefer to keep a room very muted and traditional, you may prefer to use only black and white photos.

Hang Your Wall Décor Correctly

There are several tips for ensuring that you are hanging your wall décor correctly. Be sure that the art is hung at eye level compared to where you are usually positioned in the room. So for example, in a dining room where you are typically sitting, the décor should be hung a bit lower to be at eye level for a seated person. Be sure that if you hang a larger piece over furniture, you choose a piece of art that is only about two-thirds the size of the furniture piece.

Mix Up Materials and Types of Décor

Finally, be sure you mix and match wall décor items on your wall. Hang framed photos with metal sconces with custom canvas prints and more. Keep everything looking cohesive by paying attention to the color scheme and the story you’re telling with the wall. Otherwise, go wild with mixing and matching to create a wall that is interesting and well-styled. Don’t be afraid to add in decorative mirrors or small shelves to break up a wall full of photos.

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