3 Reasons To Use A Virtual Property Management Answering Service

As a small property management company with a few commercial buildings or properties or a large company with hundreds of properties scattered far and wide, having an effective and efficient property management answering service is essential.

Not only will a virtual system be effective and simple to use, but it also provides the ability to more effectively manage emergency situations, to get information in your tenant’s own words, and to have a clear understanding of issue even outside of business hours.

To help to understand how a virtual property management answering service will benefit your business, consider the following issues that can be major concerns when dealing with a live call center type of service.

Flat Rate Regardless of Volume
With your own virtual property management answering service, you simply pay a flat rate for the month. Since this is automated, there is no charge per call or message fees, and no charges for exceeding specific maximum call numbers.

With this option, you can encourage your clients to call in at any time and really mean it. There will not be any additional fees or charges even if there are hundreds of calls, which makes it a good option for both during and after business hours.

Receive Messages on Demand
With a well-designed property management answering service your tenants will leave the message in their own words, you won’t be required to hear what the call center staff interpreted the message to be.

In addition, with retrieval possible through a secure access, you can check your non-emergency messages when you want. You won’t have to call in and get put on hold or wait for messages, everything will be available and can be reviewed as often as necessary. In addition, top companies provide an email of the message as well, which means you don’t even have to call to complete a review.

Allows for Emergency Reporting
With the best property management answering service, you will have the ability to customize your greeting and your system, including offering tenants or property owners an option to report an emergency. The system will handle this differently, calling the number on file for the on-call property manager within  seconds of the emergency message being called in.

As the tenant will self-select this emergency alert, there are fewer non-emergency calls put through from the property management answering service to your on-call staff. It is also a great way to provide highly efficient service, helping to distinguish your property management companies from the competition.

If you are a property manager, using a virtual property management answering service by No More Phone Tag offers amazing business benefits. To learn more see us online at www.nomorephonetag.com

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