3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Live Without Home Insurance

There’s no telling what the future may hold. One minute, you’re warm and happy and the next, your home’s been burglarized, flooded or on fire. That’s why taking out home insurance is a must. Here’s why you’ll want to start shopping around for home insurance companies in Jacksonville FL.


Getting hazard insurance protects your home from unintentional damage or destruction. In case your property has been caught in a fire, been damaged by a storm or been burglarized, your insurance can cover the cost of your loss. This means you’ll have money to spend on the repairs or to replace your home if the damage is too severe. Just make sure you buy enough coverage to cover the value of your home and everything in it, How Stuff Works says.

Replacement cost

Nothing can replace the value of whatever cherished possessions you lost in the fire or that have been damaged by the storm. But the right policy and coverage can help you get the actual cash value or replacement cost of your belongings back from your insurance provider. That’s going to be a lot of help. When you’re in a bind and you’re trying to think of how to replace what you lost, that money is going to come in handy.

Medical bills

Say you had guests over and one of them slips and takes a bad tumble down your stairs. They understand accidents happen and they don’t want to take you to court. But if you pick a good insurance provider, then your insurance company will pay their medical bills. Not all providers offer guest medical coverage, though. You’ll want to check on that detail when you browse through home insurance companies in Jacksonville FL to scout around for the best policy and offer you can find.

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