3 Reasons a Windshield Replacement Should Not be Put Off

A chip or scratch is not a distracting feature on a car, but it can lead to a major issue. Driving with a damaged windshield puts your life at risk and the drivers around are susceptible to be injured in case of a car accident. A damaged windshield can pop out or completely shatter during a collision, or even collapse the roof of a car as the windshield provides structural support to the roof. Here are a few reasons why you should not put off windshield replacement:

#1 Strict Liability

Small chips and scratches are easy to fix by a reputable auto glass specialist. However, if the damage expands or becomes too big in length or width of a dollar bill, then the windshield will most likely need to be replaced. Standard windshields are two transparent pieces of glass held snugly together with vinyl resin that helps keep the glass from shatter into millions of pieces in a collision. Any blemishes on the windshield, or cracks in the resin could lead to serious injury to the vehicle’s passengers in a car accident. It is your responsibility as a driver to ensure that you take care of your car to prevent any major issues.

#2 Cost Effective

Minor chips, cracks, or dents in the windshield can be repaired for less than $100. However, if the damage expands, or if the depth of the damage increases, replacing the windshield would become a better option. Call in for repairs while there are only minor infractions on your windshield to avoid the incurred cost of replacing an entire windshield. Even though the job seems simple enough, it is best you find a competent technician who has the right materials and experience for the job. Watching the process would be a good experience so that you understand the importance of such a task. A technician usually starts with cutting out the old windshield, then removing the rubber weather stripping from the frame of the windshield before placing the new windshield in place, and finally setting the new glass in place.

#3 Insurance Policies

Windshield installation ranges from $100 to $400, or more depending on when you find a reputable company to entrust your vehicle with. Most insurance policies will cover windshield replacement, but you will need to contact them or have the company you select inquire what will be covered. If your deductible goes over a certain limit, you could end up paying the full price of the windshield replacement.

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