3 Myths About Dental Implants In Bloomingdale

3 Myths About Dental Implants In Bloomingdale

Without a doubt, dental implants are among the most popular procedures performed. In fact, there is almost universal patient satisfaction associated with receiving implants. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about dental work. Some of these prevailing myths were once true but are now fiction, whereas others have never been fact. Letting go of old myths can help prospective patients learn more about this procedure. There are the top three myths about dental implants in Bloomingdale.

Myth #1: Implants Are Painful

For some reason, this myth is the most prevailing. It also happens to be completely false. Fear of pain can prevent many people from seeking out very useful treatments, so it is important to know that there is no research linking dental implants to migraines or increased headaches. Any pain associated with receiving implants is usually a sign of another, bigger issue. If you experience persisting pain following implantation, it means that there are other oral health issues at play, not that your implants are the cause. Patients are usually advised to contact their dentist if they experience prolonged pain or increased headaches.

Myth #2: Implants Are Obvious

Implants are thankfully not noticeable at all. This is yet another prevailing myth that happens to be completely false. As long as you visit a reputable dentist for your implants, they will not be noticeable.  A well-run clinic offering the latest technological advances will be able to give you natural looking dental implants. Most people will be completely oblivious to your implants unless you tell them they are there.

Myth #3: Implants Require A Lot Of Ongoing Maintenance

Some patients worry that there is a lot of upkeep and maintenance required to keep their implants in good condition. Thankfully, implants need the same amount of attention as your natural teeth. You will need to brush and floss your implants regularly, just like you would with your other teeth. In addition, food restrictions and limitations are only imposed in unusual circumstances, meaning that you can still enjoy the foods and beverages you love.

To learn more about receiving dental implants in Bloomingdale, contact Pure Dental Spa.

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