3 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Animation Voice Actors

For movies, television shows, educational programs or for video games, getting the correct voice for animated characters is essential. The voice has to be easy to identify, correlate with character’s profile and attributes and also to reach out and connect with the audience.

Hiring animation voice actors is a critical part of developing the character. Directors and developers will spend considerable time in listening to different actors. They will also focus on how the voice of the actor translates into their vision for how the character will appeal to the audience.

Those with experience in hiring animation voice actors have several factors that are critical in making the right choice. For those just starting out in working with voice actors, here are three mistakes the professionals are careful to avoid.

Selecting Someone Inexperienced

Providing the voice for an animated character is not easy. It takes experience, skill and understanding in how the process occurs. The professional selected should understand how he or she will work with the production crew and understand the basics of the task at hand for any recording session.

Choosing Someone With Limited Vocal Abilities

Not only is it important to have the right voice, but the voice also has to be able to convey the emotional content of the message. Remember, with animated characters it is the voice inflection, cadence and tone as opposed to specific facial features or gestures that highlight what is going on for the particular character.

Hiring Someone Who is Resistance to Change

It is very common for even the top animation voice actors to be asked to modify, change or adjust some component of the dialogue or the emotional content of the part. Professional actors are able to incorporate these changes willingly to create just the character voice the director requires.

Avoiding these simple issues will make your project completion easier and less time-consuming. With a top voice actor it is possible to enhance and improve on the character as well, which is always a big plus to consider.

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