3 Important Features You Should Look for in a Dive Boat

3 Important Features You Should Look for in a Dive Boat

When buying a Dive Boat, there are many different sizes and models to choose from that are personal preferences to the owner. Deciding on the features of your new boat is something that needs to be chosen with safety and accessibility in mind. You want to choose features that keep you and your guests safe while also fitting onto your boat securely. If you have a small boat, you may need to forgo some features; however, some are too important to not have on board.

Safety Equipment Features

All dive boats must have safety features for it to be ready to take out onto the water. This includes life jackets, a first aid kit, flares, and a marine VHF radio. In case of an emergency, the dive boat should be fully equipped with these features so that all guests are safe. Make sure when bringing guests aboard, or if you’re a guest yourself, that there is a safety briefing before each dive session and safety equipment is pointed out in case of use.

Space for Diver Equipment

A Dive Boat should have enough space for each diver to bring dive gear, dry bags, and air tanks. If the boat has room, there should be a separate area for all air tanks so they’re out of the way. Divers should keep dive equipment and dry bags separate, and have the items they use frequently readily available. Keeping dive equipment out of the way makes sure there are no accidents on the boat.

Proper Boarding Features

The most important feature a boat can have is the right ladder for boarding. Sometimes there will be an area that is short enough for divers to climb up, but there should be a ladder for added safety. There are many ladders to choose from so look for one that fits your needs. Then you can decide between detachable or flip-up ladders for proper storage.

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